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By working together, the Whalewatch network members have:

  1. Produced the first ever report on whale killing methods and the inherent welfare problems of modern day whaling activities.
  2. Ensured that whale welfare was raised as a concern by more countries at the IWC in 2007 than in the history of the Commission.
  3. Carried out the first investigation in over a decade into the methods used to kill whales by Norwegian whalers.
  4. Been able to support a number of international organisations in order to raise public awareness of the inhumane methods used to kill whales.

The Whalewatch network has been working together for five years, lobbying governments and working within the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to put an end to the unnecessary and inhumane practice of whaling. Our collective goal is that the international community acknowledges that whale welfare is an issue of global concern.

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